Per Governor Hogan’s Executive Order, we’re closing temporarily starting at at 5 PM on March 23 2020 all non-essential businesses have been required to temporarily close during this COVID-19 crisis. Therefore we are temporarily closed and will re-open as soon as the executive orders have been approved that it is safe for businesses to return to normal operations.

During this time that we are closed…we want everyone to know that your tanning accounts, memberships, and all packages will be adjusted accordingly.

  • For all tanning packages we will be issuing extensions, freezes, and store credit in place of any and all unused tanning while we have been closed.
  • For our Buns Club members we will be issuing store credits and free tanning for all Buns Club members that are currently still active.
  • All months and year packages will have their expiration date extended for the entire time that we are closed down for.

Follow our Facebook Page for updates on when we will be open again.

Hope to see you all soon. Stay Safe!

The CocoBuns Tanning Staff


Tan Girl

From zero to tan in 12 minutes!  We offer the VersaPRO Spa Sunless booth that offers a variety of color and custom options. Whether you’d like just your face, legs, entire body, or additive double dark options, our sunless equipment does it all. With sunless spray tanning, you get a natural-looking tan tailored perfectly to your skin tone with just one session.


Girl tan at beach

Whether you want that sun-kissed glow or Caribbean vacation shade, you can trust that at CocoBuns Tanning, we can find that perfect shade for you. We have a full range of the latest state-of-the-art sunbed tanning equipment that includes extravagant features like aromatherapy, aqua-mist facial and shoulder tanners, mix and full high-pressure, ergonomically curved acrylic to help tan those pressure points and more.


Enjoy our exclusive member pricing!

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Unlimited tanning from our Entry level to Luxury beds to help you maintain and gain color in about 6 visits.
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Our sunless spray tanning booths offer the best spray tan available giving you a lovely color that you can customize through several color options. Your resulting spray tan is 3 to 5 shades darker and can last 5 to 7 days.
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Teeth Whitening
 At Coco Buns Tanning, you can achieve a beautiful smile in 45 minutes. Our safe and convenient system is one of the most advanced available today.
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